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Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design: What’s Hot and What’s Not

The kitchen is called the heart of the home for a reason. It’s where everyone comes together to celebrate all good things. This is why kitchen design trends evolve consistently so your space always feels fresh and new. 

Like every year, 2023 brought with it new ideas in kitchen cabinet design, while doing away with some others. If you’re designing or renovating your kitchen this year and might call on a professional Painting Kitchen Cabinet in Mississauga, here are the top trends you should consider incorporating and ones you should avoid!

What’s Hot: Minimalism 

Minimalism and simplicity are among the biggest trends in kitchen cabinet design. Nobody enjoys a design-heavy space anymore. It looks cluttered and can become very heavy on the eye.

Instead, these days, it’s all about simple lines, geometric shapes, and monochromatic shades. Pick a minimal color to rock your kitchen cabinet design today, and it can really help your space achieve a modern, clean look. 

What’s Not: Upper Cabinets

Going by the same principle of minimalism, homeowners are now aiming for a kitchen that feels open and airy. Upper cabinets are now being replaced with open shelving to achieve that effect for your kitchen space.

While choosing the cabinet layout for your kitchen, do make sure to analyze how all the cabinetry will come together to formulate the final look of the kitchen. 

What’s Hot: Color Edition

Using a single accent color or colored cabinets in your kitchen, in general, has always been a popular design choice. But each year sees a new wave of shades that are most loved in cabinet design.

This year is all about the blues and the greens. Two colors that are pretty relaxing on the eye and create an aura of a calming and airy space. Try adding any of these two to your kitchen cabinet design today for the perfect blend between a retro and a modern kitchen.  

What’s Not: Modular Cabinets

Personalized cabinet design is now all the rage. People are looking for something that fits in perfectly with the rest of their kitchen and looks like it has been crafted specifically for their space.

This is why modular cabinets are now being replaced with custom-made ones. People are looking to get something designed according to their personal requirements, which is why kitchen cabinet design has become all the more exciting now!

What’s Hot: Creating The Perfect Mix

A great way to really achieve that phenomenal outlook on your kitchen cabinets is to create the perfect blend, and the color is not the only thing you can mix! Find contrast in everything from color and texture to style and materials. 

For example, choose a cabinet color contrasting with the rest of your kitchen. Mix different textures and go for a blend of glossy and matte finishes. Choose two different cabinet styles to pair with each other. Focusing on each element of this blend can create your very own cabinet concoction that’s perfectly unique to your kitchen space!

What’s Not: Cold, Ultra-modern Designs

While minimalism is being embraced in cabinet design, coldness is not. All-white kitchens, extra muted palettes, and sharp edges – these are all elements we’re saying goodbye to this year! People are now opting for kitchens that feel warmer and cozier, which is only fitting to do considering the emotions connected with the kitchen space. 

Instead of opting for cabinets that lack depth and feel dull, look for cabinetry that uplifts your kitchen and makes it feel more like home. 

What’s Hot: Stained-Glass Panels

These are making a comeback as people revert to wanting elegance and vintage touch in their kitchens. With a myriad of design choices available, these glass panels can really take your kitchen cabinets to the next level!

What’s Not: Faux Finishes

This year is all about shifting toward natural elements in the kitchen, so faux finishes are not really it anymore. People are replacing finishes like quartz with organic elements like natural stone. These are also sustainable choices in the longer run, and not to forget, quite timeless!

In A Nutshell

Kitchen styles, especially for the cabinets, are ever-changing. What’s popular today might not gather the same level of fame tomorrow, and that’s what makes this craft so interesting! In the midst of a billion design choices, we’re helping you pick timeless options that will keep your kitchen looking modern for many years to come!
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