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This home interior design company in Malaysia can help you remodel your kitchen in a creative way

Do you consider the kitchen to be an important part of your home? Would you like to find new ideas to make your kitchen stand out?

Then you are in the right place.

We collated the top ideas from our kitchen interior design experts and made this list, which can help you design a one of its kind kitchen.

Happy reading!

Think of the home as one unit

One mistake people do is that they forget that finally, a home is one single unit and all the rooms are its components. They design each room differently, which ultimately becomes a mish-mash of ideas, unable to tell the story of the family. Instead, a well-coordinated theme can bring a kind of coherence to the entire house.

Hence, while designing the kitchen, think of the entire house. Does the rest of the house have Victorian design furniture? Then having a modern kitchen design in the kitchen will look misplaced. Try and match it up with a classic look, to have a suitable transition. Alternatively, if the other rooms are themed in white and beige, try adding some dark colours in your kitchen, to make it stand out.

Think of the home as one unit

As with everything in life, when it comes to designing a kitchen, balance is everything. Got dark coloured flooring? Match it up with light-coloured wall tiles or wallpaper. Want to place wooden furniture inside the kitchen? Ensure to have elements of white and beige to balance the look.

Even if you are using bright and vibrant colours, balance them out. Too much of anything put pressure on the eyes. Also too little of anything is no fun. And what’s life without a little bit of fun?

Give it a happy vibe

Does your kitchen lack natural light? Not to worry. Just because your kitchen doesn’t get direct sunlight doesn’t mean it will lack warmth. Choose bright and vibrant colours such as yellow and red. For the kitchen top, you can go for a sandstone finish, to give it a yellow tinge. Copper pots are another great way to add a yellowish tinge and bring vibrance to a kitchen.

Get inspired by professional kitchens

The kitchen that we see in cookery shows mostly looks like a dream, isn’t it? Most of us wish we could have one like that too.  

Draw inspiration from them. Think of whites and beiges. Balance them up with wooden furniture pieces such as a kitchen table and stools. Ensure the lighting is installed in such a manner that it gives a professional kitchen feel. This is a sure-shot way to wow guests your modern kitchen design.

Add an earthy tone

The pandemic has taught us the value of appreciating the environment and getting back to our roots. Earthy tones and colours have made a comeback. So, that’s what you should go for if you want your kitchen to look chic. How? Add a few earthen pots to your collection…..they not only look great, but they are excellent to cook with too. Add brown hues to the kitchen look in the form of cabinets or brown cushions to kitchen chairs.

Add life to your kitchen

Literally. Add a few plants here and there to make the kitchen more lively. Do you have a space by the window? Why not have a small pot with herbs such as cilantro, mint, etc.? It can help you add fresh herbs while you cook. And the green element will add a different layer to your kitchen décor.

Alternatively, just keep a few pots with plants. If space is a problem, think of hanging them from the wall.

Choose a statement lighting

A great way to elevate the look of your kitchen is to add statement lighting. Think of a centrepiece hanging light, which draws attention immediately. Get creative with the colour and design. However, as we mentioned earlier, keep the overall theme in mind. Ensure the entire look comes together. 

Display your collection

Do you have a big kitchen? Then don’t shy away from displaying your crockery collection. Choose a corner and place a cabinet.  No matter whether they are valuable crystals or antiques, a collection is always meant to be displayed.

It is not necessary to follow a theme for the display. You can mix and match and create your own theme. This is your corner…..do what you like with it.

Interested to find a customised solution for your kitchen? Get in touch with Three A’s Interior Design and Décor, the renowned home interior design company in Malaysia for specialised solutions. Our experienced designers would love to share their innovative ideas with you, in person. 

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