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Importance of Girls Education – Save the Children

Remarkable strides have been made in the area of girl education in India owing to government policies that address long-standing gender barriers and recognise the importance of girls education in a nation’s advancement. Education empowers girls and equips them with knowledge, skills, and confidence to make well-informed decisions about their lives. This empowerment enables the active participation of girls in social, economic, and political spheres, fostering personal growth and self-reliance.

However, one of the primary obstacles in the way of bolstering girl child education in India is the mindset of believing that boys are much more entitled than girls to receive education and opportunities. This is precisely where nonprofit organisations like Bal Raksha Bharat (also known as Save the Children) step in to raise awareness about the importance of girls education, particularly in marginalised communities. They work to ensure that every girl in India has access to school, and nobody can hold them back from achieving great things in life.

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