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How Paige Spiranac transformed a life she didn’t want into the biggest social media empire in golf

The sportsbook studio, which is crammed into the back of a building in New York City’s financial , is as stuffy as a sweat lodge. The golfer-turned-social media behemoth Paige does not appear to be PRO CLUB HOODIE bothered by the heat while other producers scurry about, fanning themselves with folded papers, and sip water.

She settles into her designated spot on the couch wearing a form-fitting black tank, a black leather mini, and knee-high boots while artfully draping her long hair across her shoulders like a mink stole. Later, as the cameras roll, makes her predictions for the Masters while joking around with the host as if she were on “The Tonight Show.” drops extensive sports knowledge with a brazenly feminine enunciation that is frequently interrupted by laughter.

After concluding the segment and informing the viewers that “blondes have more fun,” the camera turns to another scene. Spiranac stays put to answer queries on the Augusta National cuisine in a few PointsBet social media posts. “I love soup. She only paused to tweak the swoop of her fringe or subtly tug at her hemline before declaring, “Soup is so underappreciated.

While Liam , senior vice president of content at , evaluates performance back in the green room and thanks her for being the company’s “shining star” since she joined as a stakeholder in 2021, lays her coat across her lap. He praises, a small amount of perspiration seeping through his shirt, “You’re picking longshots and getting them right.

PRO CLUB SWEATSHIRT The Compliment With Grace

and adds that she has some suggestions for how to enhance the graphics package, which she doodles on a Post-it note. Due at her subsequent appointment, expresses her gratitude and good-byes before leaving the stage to her left and moving quickly down the hallway as a chorus of producers calls after her to feel free to drop by the studio whenever she has the chance.”

golfers, with Tiger Woods coming in second. Her lover describes her as being in a “legitimate category of fame.” They travel, and “people are aware of her.” Chefs bring complementary meals to her table when she eats out. People sneakily photograph her with their phones while she shops. People she meets beg her to tag them in posts so they can on her notoriety. PRO CLUB SWEATSHIRT was highlighted in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 2018. She received Maxim’s “Sexiest Woman Alive” title the previous year.

In addition to her (great) sex appeal, rising fame is a result of how she uses it. She punctuates her carnality with , combining intelligent criticism with her beautiful cleavage and flawless golf swing.

that Paige online is not the same as Paige in real life by saying, “I invented this alter ego where I exhibit the most ridiculous, exaggerated version of myself. (For instance, she wears adult-sized clothing off-line, which includes a sizable number of sweatpants.) Sure, she’s a provocative show pony, but she’s also intelligent, politically savvy, and most importantly, she gets the joke. See Mae West, Dolly Parton, Goldie Hawn, B, and the rest of Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods canon for examples of this approach being used before. is a candy wrapper around a protein bar and a Twinkie that is packed with vitamins, just like them.

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