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My Casual Fall Clothes Feel Trendy Yet Simple


I love fall. The changing leaves, the crisp air, and even the occasional rain showers remind me that I’m not in summer anymore. But what I don’t love is how quickly the weather turns from sunny to dreary and back again overnight. Do you know what else I don’t like? Shopping for clothes when it’s cold outside (or even just when it’s cold out). That’s why this season has been so amazing there are few things more satisfying than finding a piece of clothing that looks great on you but also feels like an investment piece. If you’re looking for more options than plain-colored tanks and jeans and if you’re willing to put some time into your wardrobe investment I’ve got some good news elevated basics are here!

These Pieces are Exactly What I Want

If you’re looking for the perfect fall outfit that’s on trend, but still simple enough to wear every day, these pieces are exactly what I want. They’re basic pieces that are elevated by being worn together originally and they’re all under $100!

Nordstrom has been selling this ensemble for months now, so it’s no longer available online (but will be back soon). However, if you want your own set of this awesome outfit right now, here are some ways:

  • Buy everything together (shorts and top) at Nordstrom for $108 total with tax included!
  • Buy just the shorts ($39), then add them to any other item from their sale section at Nordstrom ($55+).

Fall Clothes

Fall is a great time to update your wardrobe, and it’s also a great time for transitioning from summer to winter. You can wear fall clothes for many occasions from casual to dressy.

Fall clothes are especially perfect for the cooler weather. They’re ideal if you have a big event coming up in October or November, but don’t want anything too heavy or formal (and don’t want anything that’ll make you sweat).

Casual to Dressy

Elevated Basics

Elevated basics are a great way to stay on trend, while still feeling comfortable and chic.

These pieces can work in any season, but they’re especially ideal for fall they’re not only sophisticated but also warm enough that you won’t need an extra layer under your jacket or sweater.

The Best Part? They’re all on Sale at Nordstrom Right Now

Nordstrom is having a sale, and all of these items are on sale. It’s a great time to buy!

You can save money by buying now instead of later. If you’re not sure what to wear this fall, or if you want something new and different but don’t want to spend too much money, these pieces are just right for both situations.

A Great Way to Update Your Wardrobe for Fall

  • Elevated basics are a great way to update your wardrobe for fall. They’re not just basic pieces they’re elevated.
  • What does “elevated” mean? It means that you’re wearing an item that looks more expensive than it is, and can still be worn with everything else in your wardrobe (and even some high-end items).
  • How do you know if something is an elevated basic? Look at the price tag! If it’s under $100, then it may be good enough for any occasion if it costs more than $100, then there’s a good chance that this particular item will serve as a go-to piece throughout many seasons of life.


I hope these tips help you pick out your fall wardrobe. As always, a good pair of heels will take you from casual to chic in minutes and I can’t get enough of them myself.

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