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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update online vootlive.com

Ruhi and Abhir begin the episode by discussing his real father. She speculates that Kairav’s real father might eventually marry you. When Abhi arrives, he asks if you have any needs. She rejects. He invites them to carry on talking. Abhir longs to meet his biological father. Abhir embraces Ruhi. Everyone should get ready, says Abhinav, the hotel is excellent, and they will be at ease. Manish claims that if Abhinav has made them strangers by making hotel reservations for them, we must go; we cannot stay at home. No, says Abhinav. Akshu declares Bade Papa… Manish questions what you are all trying to accomplish. I get that you want to make things easier for us, but we didn’t come here to rest.

We also wish to assist you, Suwarna claims. Make plans here, advises Manish. Dadi confirms that, with Abhinav’s permission, I will stay at Akshu’s home. Done, says Abhinav. We’ll talk to our neighbours, adds Akshu, adding that one home is empty. Abhi says I’ll revoke the hotel reservations. crude jokes. Abhi’s room is visited by Aarohi. There, Abhi shows up. She pivots. Relax, he says. I apologise; I accidentally arrived here, she says. He tells Ruhi, “I’m not with Ruhi; you have handled her alone. It’s okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t intentionally listen to you. I understand now that a mother was defending a mother.” We are fine, Ruhi is fine, I was running by myself and didn’t get very far without a destination, and you have a nice plan, she says.

They ask her to attend Kairav’s wedding. I have job here, she claims. They compel her to attend. The house was lit by Akshu, Abhi, and Abhinav. The candy belongs to Muskaan. Manish and Suwarna are asked to allow it by Abhi. After teasing Muskaan, Kairav leaves. Surekha and Muskaan make contact. Muskaan apologises. They are doing all the effort, Surekha teases. Chachimaa, so says Kairav. Aarohi claims that I gave a surprise because of the kids. Dida is arriving, said Abhir and Ruhi. Did Akshu like the surprise? he inquires. Manjiri gets ready to leave. Mahima and Shefali are present. Children contacted you, Shefali claims; will Akshu and Abhinav approve? Think briefly, advises Mahima. I’m only going to meet Abhir, according to Manjiri. Akshu is anxious. Manjiri believes.Unless she calls Manish first. When Kairav said he was leaving, I had planned to meet Abhinav. How are you, Abhinav? he queries. As he waves to Muskaan, he embraces Abhinav. He hugs Neela after greeting her. Akshu invites him to go. Should I leave, asks Kairav. They chuckle. He says, “It’s okay. You may make fun of me. I’m leaving. As per Abhinav, you won’t be going. Shirav leaves. Mukaan beams. Neela asserts that Manish is correct—living together is enjoyable and something we will always remember. Although Abhinav believes Akshu and I have never experienced this, our relationship is unique in that we have the potential to create lifelong memories. She is asked to reveal the ring. They notice the pricey ring. Our love, says Neela.

The baskets go to Abhi. Thanks, says Akshu; it’s nice. Abhi thanks Muskaan, adding that her brother must assist because she is getting married. He is requested to assist her in making jam. I’m sorry, he says, but I’m tired of this. Liar, you’ve consumed the bottles, and you enjoy my jam, she claims.


Abhir welcomes the visitors. Manjiri becomes enraged as he observes. She claims that he is Abhir B and not Abhir Sharma……

the visitors. Manjiri becomes enraged as he observes. She claims that he is Abhir B and not Abhir Sharma……

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