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What To Expect From Family Therapy

Family therapy is becoming increasingly popular in psychotherapy. Family therapy refers to the kind of counseling that helps resolve the issues within families and improve their interpersonal relationships. Usually a family therapy is provided by a psychologist, licensed therapist or a social worker. Family therapies are short term procedures that usually do not stretch over a long time. The maximum number of sessions a family therapist might recommend might not be more than 12, depending on the situation. At times, it may include only the family members who are willing to participate. Some of the objectives of family therapy include teaching the skills that can help the family members deepen the connections between them and get through difficult times with the least problems.

Objectives of family therapy

While you may book a family therapy with a psychotherapist near me, you may have your own set of expectations from the session. However, here are the most common objectives that necessitate a family therapy.

Curing the troubled relationship between the family members

The need to address some financial or marital problems or the impact of a mental illness or substance abuse of a family member on the entire famil

Helping the family members cope with the individual who has a serious mental illness and support with the treatment process as a team

Enhancing the understanding and cooperation between the family members or helping the family overcome some troubling situations that might cause conflict, grief, stress or anger

Getting ready for a family therapy program

Ascertain the experience, qualification and achievements of the therapist to decide if the therapist you choose can produce the desired results across the family therapy program you look for. Ask if the therapist has experience in providing family therapies. It is also good to find out if they have experience in dealing with the kind of problems that you wish to get solved through the family therapy program. The availability of the expert during any times of emergency is a definite plus for you.

Ask for the number of sessions they recommend and the duration of each session. It is also useful to find out if the services of the expert are covered by any health insurance programs. Also find out the charges for the program. The typical approach a therapist takes during a family therapy includes finding out the cause of the disturbing situations, assessing the problem areas in the behaviors and approaches of different family members, and developing a common plan for the family to solve the issue and improve the quality of their relationships.

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