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What is the story behind the Jordan 4 Motorsport colorway, and how has it become a significant piece in sneaker history


The Jordan 4 Motorsport colorway is a highly esteemed iteration of the iconic Air Jordan 4 silhouette. Released in 2017, it was inspired by Michael Jordan’s passion for motorsports and his Motorsport Racing team. The design pays homage to the team’s colors and the speed and precision associated with the world of racing. In this essay, we will delve into the history behind the Jordan 4 Motorsport, its connection to Michael Jordan’s racing interests, and how it has become a significant piece in sneaker history.

1. The Motorsport Connection

Michael Jordan, often regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, has a lesser-known but strong passion for motorsports. In 2004, he established the Jordan Motorsports team, participating in motorcycle racing. The team competed in the AMA Superbike Championship, with riders like Jason Pridmore and Jake Zemke carrying the iconic Jumpman logo on their bikes and racing gear. The Jordan 4 Motorsport colorway pays tribute to this racing venture, featuring the team’s signature colors of white, black, and royal blue.

2. Exclusivity and Limited Releases

The Jordan 4 Motorsport’s connection to the exclusive racing team extended to its release strategy. Initially, the sneakers were designed exclusively for the members of the Jordan Motorsports team, making them extremely limited and rare. However, due to the overwhelming demand from sneaker enthusiasts and Jordan fans, Jordan Brand eventually released a limited number of pairs to the public. This exclusivity factor added to the allure of the Motorsport colorway, turning it into a grail for sneaker collectors and aficionados.

3. Design and Aesthetics

The design of the Jordan 4 Motorsport showcases a clean and sophisticated color scheme. The predominance of white leather on the upper is complemented by black accents on the midsole, laces, and heel tab. The distinctive royal blue Jumpman logo and inner lining provide a subtle pop of color that reflects the Motorsport team’s iconic branding. The simplicity and elegance of the design have made the Jordan 4 Motorsport a versatile option, suitable for both casual wear and more formal settings.

4. Sneaker Culture and Collaborations

Collaborations have become an essential aspect of sneaker culture, bridging the gap between sports, fashion, and pop culture. The Jordan 4 Motorsport embodies this trend, as it represents a collaboration between the world of basketball and motorsports. This fusion of two seemingly disparate worlds resonated with sneaker enthusiasts, racing fans, and collectors alike. The sneaker’s limited availability and ties to Michael Jordan’s racing ventures added an extra layer of desirability, driving collectors to seek out this rare piece of sneaker history.

5. Impact on Sneaker History

The Jordan 4 Motorsport has left an indelible mark on sneaker history due to its unique design, exclusivity, and the story it represents. It embodies the spirit of Michael Jordan’s diverse interests beyond basketball, showcasing his entrepreneurial ventures and love for motorsports. The sneaker’s success paved the way for more thematic releases within the Jordan brand and other signature sneaker lines. The Motorsport colorway also demonstrates the power of storytelling in sneaker design, as it adds a layer of narrative and significance to the product, making it more than just a shoe but a symbol of Michael Jordan’s multidimensional legacy.


The Jordan 4 Motorsport colorway stands as a testament to the fusion of sports, fashion, and storytelling in the world of sneakers. Inspired by Michael Jordan’s passion for motorsports and his Motorsport Racing team, the Motorsport colorway carries a unique narrative that resonates with sneaker enthusiasts and racing fans alike. Its exclusivity, coupled with its clean and sophisticated design, has solidified its place as a significant piece in sneaker history, leaving an enduring impact on sneaker culture and continuing to inspire collectors and fans around the globe.

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