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What Is Security Lockout Services?

Whether it’s your home or business you need to be protected from the threat of theft. In the past thieves were only interested in stealing prized possessions but now they are also targeting valuable information such as your personal or company records.

With increased competition in the home security market comes new advancements, features, and compatibilities with internet-connected gadgets like indoor and outdoor cameras and video doorbells. Unfortunately, some of these new technologies come with their vulnerabilities.

1.   Lockout Service

Lockout Service is a locksmith service that can help people locked out of their homes, cars, or other places. This service works by sending a trained technician to the location to open the lock using tools and skills.

The technician can then help the person get back into their home or car without damaging anything. This is a great option for those who have accidentally locked themselves out and do not have a spare key.

2.   Lock Repair

Over time, locks can sag. While this may suggest that you need a replacement, it often simply means that the connections have loosened and simply need to be tightened back up, rather than completely replaced.

A locksmith can use a few troubleshooting steps to determine whether this is an issue that can be resolved with reinstallation or if the lock is broken and needs to be replaced altogether. Sometimes lubricating the lock and spraying compressed air can help, too.

When your lock is jammed or not functioning properly, there may be something mechanically wrong with it. This could be a result of wear and tear, damage or even tampering. If lubricating the lock slot with oil or spraying compressed air into it doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll need a locksmith to open up and repair it to ensure your property is secure. We can change latches, springs, or key cylinders in mortise locks to get your door back up and running without having to replace the whole lock.

3.   Lockout Training

Workers are far too often injured or killed by powered-up equipment that they thought had been shut down, by a tag that is mistakenly removed when a worker attempts to start a machine up, or by other incidents that could be avoided with proper Lockout/Tag out (LOTO) training.

This is the process of using physical restraints, such as locks and tags, to isolate hazardous energy sources so that no one can accidentally turn on or use the equipment.

LOTO requires facilities to have energy control procedures, employee training, and periodic inspections that ensure that before employees service machines or equipment where an unexpected energization, startup, or release of stored energy can cause injury, the equipment is isolated from its energy source and rendered inoperative. The procedures are usually set up for each piece of machinery or equipment, and authorized and affected employees must be trained on them.

4.   Safes

Safes provide homeowners peace of mind in knowing that heirlooms, photos, and important documents are protected from fire and theft. Often, these safes have a lock on them that can become defective. This can lead to a lot of frustration and even panic when the safe won’t open. Our locksmiths can service any make or model of safe and even upgrade the lock so you don’t have to buy a whole new one.

Most safes can be opened without drilling, but hands-on diagnosis is required to determine if that’s an option. Our locksmiths are also proficient in safe picking, a method that isn’t as quick as drilling but will not damage any components. It’s best to contact us as soon as possible when a safe becomes jammed.

5.   Lock Replacement

If your locks begin to show signs of wear or become difficult to open with the proper key, you should replace them. Worn locks are more susceptible to picking and breaking, leaving you with a less secure home or office.

We can provide you with new replacement lock cylinders that match your existing hardware and install them for you. If your key has broken off inside the cylinder, we can remove it and recover any pieces.

6.   Locksmith Services

Certified Locksmiths in Berkeley that range from rekeying to changing key combinations to installing new locks and deadbolts, egress control devices, and safes. Our skilled technicians are always updating their skills and staying abreast of the latest security technology. They will take the time to get to know you and your property so they can provide the best solution for your situation.

Security systems installation has become a top priority for many commercial setups, especially in the city of Brooklyn. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure your office premises are protected from external and internal threats by recommending advanced locking solutions limiting access to specific employees only.

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