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Types of Security Guards

Security guards can be invaluable assets to businesses and properties. Their wide array of skills includes patrolling, monitoring systems and policy enforcement – as well as being available both armed or unarmed and working across residential communities, companies or any other venue.

Armed security staff are usually employed in environments posing high threats. Many are ex-military or law enforcement personnel and therefore equipped to manage various situations effectively.security services in melbourne
Residential Guards

Apartment and condo complexes, neighborhood HOAs and private homes alike often suffer from security issues like burglary, break-ins, loitering and noise violations. Alarm systems and electronic gates may help, but professional security guards may be necessary to patrol the premises, identify potential crimes and take immediate action against any threats they identify.

Checking IDs, keeping visitor lists updated, opening or securing gated entranceways as needed, providing resident and guest assistance as well as deescalating situations via verbal and nonverbal communication techniques like body posture. Furthermore, residential security guards act as witnesses if any crimes take place on the property.
Business Guards

Businesses like gas stations, convenience stores and banks that are open 24/7 can benefit greatly from having security guards on site. Not only will this help prevent theft, vandalism and other unwanted behavior from taking place but it will also put their employees’ minds at ease.

Guards can be employed as security officers on entry and exit of businesses or to check bags in cases of shoplifting. Furthermore, guards can monitor video surveillance footage, verify credentials and control access.

As soon as employees and customers feel more at ease with security personnel present, they tend to become more productive working environments.
Corporate Guards

Corporate security guards protect business property, monitor alarm systems and access control, act as on-site liaison to emergency services and serve as loss prevention for retail stores such as luxury or jewelry shops.

Companies often hire armed guards to safeguard executives or other VIPs while traveling or attending crowd settings, serving as law enforcement until local authorities arrive on scene.

Security agency guards have undergone specific training in certain areas and are fully licensed to fulfill their duties. Furthermore, their presence can add a professional edge that builds client trust in your business.
Warehouse Guards

Warehouses can be prime targets for thieves, so security guards stationed at their entrance check people as they come and go and verify their identities before performing regular patrols to monitor what’s going on within the property.

Warehouse security guards can also aid in theft prevention by monitoring employee activity, preventing internal crime, and reporting it to the appropriate authorities. Many of them also possess first aid training such as CPR and wound care for employee safety.

Warehouse security guards can also ensure employees adhere to warehouse safety protocols by monitoring how employees use forklifts and whether or not they wear appropriate safety gear. By acting as extra eyes on the property and providing peace of mind for employees, warehouse security guards serve as an extra set of eyes on their own property and give employees additional peace of mind.
Armoured Guards

Armoured guards are employed by businesses that deal with large sums of money such as banks or jewelry stores, usually working out of armored trucks and following their employer’s protocol for when to shoot at intruders or surrender to authorities.

Armed security guards serve as an added deterrent against criminals, with their visible weaponry making a powerful impression upon potential attackers and making them think twice before attacking any businesses in which armed security guards are present.

Armed security guards require additional training and experience compared to unarmed security guards, as they must pass background checks and receive licensing as guards before carrying a weapon.
Event Security Guards

Event security guards ensure the wellbeing of attendees at concerts, cultural attractions and festivals by overseeing crowd control measures, helping lost individuals locate each other quickly, and defusing disturbances that arise during these occasions. Their duties typically involve crowd management techniques like crowd directing and defusing disturbances as needed.

Due to their uniforms, security professionals are easily identifiable to attendees at events, often becoming the first point of call when guests need help. Furthermore, their presence serves as a deterrent against criminal activities as criminals know that security operatives will be watching over them.

Event security operatives can screen attendees for weapons and other prohibited items as soon as they arrive at the venue, while patrolling the area and making sure all emergency exits are clear.

Bodyguards or personal protection officers are highly-trained individuals who specialize in protecting clients such as politicians, business executives and celebrities from harm.

Bodyguard duties typically include conducting surveillance to detect threats. They may also perform inspections prior to client arrival on site.

Retail security guards patrol high value product areas, act as loss prevention measures and investigate suspicious activity, as well as monitor and adjust alarm systems. Retail loss is an ongoing problem which costs businesses billions each year in lost inventory; these specialized guards often come highly trained with arming capabilities.

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