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Sustainable Furniture Design and Sustainable Interior Design

Customers and consumers are requesting more and more changes to some common furniture designs models so that their finished product is more distinctive and personalised.

When constructing, manufacturing, and designing luxury furniture, some of the priorities are quality, innovation, and personalization of the product and service. These factors are given the appropriate attention to ensure the greatest degree of splendour.

As a family-run company that creates each of its pieces entirely from scratch using methods that have little to no negative environmental effects, Latorre is much more than just a producer of opulent furniture—we are also committed to the social and environmental well-being of the planet. To explain how we work, we are bringing you this post.

why it’s crucial to select ethical producers
For many businesses that add value, being able to concentrate on the customer experience is their major goal. There are many comparable goods and services available in the world today. The decision of which product or service to select is one that people must make on a daily basis.

Companies in the furniture industry who tailor their products based on unique concepts find it difficult to compete with the new end-user values. It is about purchasing lifestyle qualities such as glitz, distinction, sustainability, and quality of life, not furniture.

Values and obligations of Latorre
With more than 50 years of expertise, Latorre is a corporation that keeps up with the most recent technological advancements. We work hard every day to provide our clients with the best luxury furniture options possible.

As a family-run business, some of our principles and commitments—with which our clients indirectly work in conjunction if they buy our furniture—include:

within-the-company production
As a manufacturer of high-end sofas and furniture, we handle every step of the process, from designing the pieces to producing them to putting them all together.

We take great pride in our family history and 1959 beginnings at Latorre. Due to everything, we are now actual experts in the field of manufacturing and decorating. To maintain our status as a leader in the production of luxury furniture, we hang onto what makes us unique for this reason.

native resources
Luxury furniture differs from other furniture because of how it is treated and how closely it is connected to the materials from which it is manufactured, in addition to its elegance, tremendous value, and quality. Every single one of them has a unique design, creation, production, and manufacturing procedure.

At Latorre, we use traceable wood that is, if at all feasible, of national origin because it has a lower environmental impact. Conversely, we have more than 100 solar panels placed in our industrial facility in Valencia, where we can produce roughly 65% of the energy required for daily operations.

The best local materials are used, minimising their environmental impact as much as possible. This is another one of our strengths. As a result, we can make sure we comply with this criteria with FSC and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

Personalization and distinctive items
Every one of our items has a unique set of elements that make it valued and special. Because of this, we make an effort to uphold our obligations, conserve resources, and complete our work in a manner that is completely sustainable. We address our customers’ issues and examine their true needs as a family-run organisation with a lengthy history in order to deliver efficient solutions. We take a comprehensive approach and don’t skip any details. We are aware that providing excellent service will serve as the cornerstone of our relationship with clients.

a dedication to social causes
Latorre is also deeply engaged to a number of social concerns. We may single out one of them as our partnership with the Le Cadó Foundation, an initiative that raises money to support the funding of breast cancer research. In order to create and design a line of bags, backpacks and tote bags, we contribute unused textiles. The Spanish Association Against Breast Cancer (AECC) receives the proceeds from the sale of these items in order to support research and assist the numerous women in our nation who battle breast cancer every day.

We are professionals at Latorre in designing and constructing furniture with the sole purpose of making you feel and incorporating it into our daily life. We are dedicated to sophistication and character.

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