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Sites and Games to Teach Kids Typing the Fun Way


Learning to type is an essential skill in today’s digital age, and it’s never too early to start teaching kids this valuable skill. However, traditional typing lessons can be dull and monotonous for young learners. Fortunately, there are various online sites and games that make typing practice fun and engaging for kids. In this article, we will explore some of the best sites and games to teach kids typing the fun way, with a particular focus on Monkeytype.

What is Monkeytype?

Monkeytype is a popular and interactive typing game that offers a fun and challenging way for kids to improve their typing skills. The game provides various typing exercises, tests, and challenges to enhance typing speed and accuracy. With its user-friendly interface and gamified learning approach, Monkeytype keeps kids motivated and invested in improving their typing abilities.

Dance Mat Typing: A Colorful Typing Journey

Dance Mat Typing is an interactive typing program offered by the BBC. The game takes kids on a colorful typing journey led by animated animal characters. Each level introduces new keys and typing techniques in a playful and engaging manner. The program is divided into multiple stages, making it easy for kids to progress through the lessons and practice at their own pace. Dance Mat Typing is a popular choice among parents and educators for its interactive and informative approach to teaching typing.

Nitro Type: A Typing Game with a Racing Twist

Nitro Type adds an exciting racing twist to typing practice. In this game, kids can race against other players by typing words accurately and quickly. The faster and more accurately they type, the faster their virtual car moves in the race. Nitro Type motivates kids to improve their typing speed and accuracy while having fun competing with others. It’s a unique and engaging way to make typing practice more exciting for kids.

TypeRacer: A Multiplayer Typing Competition

TypeRacer is a multiplayer typing game that allows kids to compete in real-time typing races against other players. The game presents a series of sentences, and the players must type them as fast and accurately as possible. Each completed sentence adds to their race progress, and the player who finishes the race first is the winner. TypeRacer is an entertaining and competitive typing game that encourages kids to improve their typing speed and accuracy while enjoying friendly competition with others.

TypingClub: A Comprehensive Typing Program

TypingClub is an extensive typing program that offers a comprehensive curriculum for kids to learn and master typing. The platform provides interactive lessons, drills, and games that cater to different age groups and skill levels. Kids can progress through the program at their own pace and receive personalized feedback on their typing performance. TypingClub is an excellent choice for parents and educators looking for a structured and well-rounded typing learning experience for kids.

TypeTastic!: A Typing Adventure for Young Learners

TypeTastic! is a typing adventure game specially designed for younger learners. It offers a playful and colorful environment that engages kids in learning to type. The game introduces basic typing skills through fun and interactive exercises, making it ideal for kindergarten and early elementary school children. With its user-friendly interface and kid-friendly design, TypeTastic! provides a delightful typing journey for young learners.

Keybr: A Customizable Typing Practice Platform

Keybr is a versatile typing practice platform that offers a wide range of customizable typing exercises. Kids can choose to practice specific key sets, improve their typing speed, and receive real-time feedback on their performance. The platform also provides detailed statistics and analysis to help kids track their progress and identify areas for improvement. Keybr’s flexibility and adaptability make it suitable for kids of all levels, from beginners to advanced typists.


Teaching kids typing can be enjoyable and effective with the help of online sites and games that make typing practice fun and engaging. Whether it’s through the interactive challenges of Monkeytype, the colorful typing journey of Dance Mat Typing, the racing twist of Nitro Type, or the competitive multiplayer races of TypeRacer, these typing sites and games offer a rewarding and educational typing experience for kids.

Additionally, TypingClub provides a comprehensive and structured typing program, while TypeTastic! caters to younger learners with playful and interactive typing exercises. For customizable typing practice, Keybr offers a versatile platform that adapts to kids’ individual needs.

With the help of these sites and games, kids can develop essential typing skills while having fun, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. So, encourage your kids to embark on a typing adventure with these fantastic typing sites and games!

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