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Home Science As A Career; What Are The Different Job Opportunities

Like other respective fields, home science cannot be left unnoticed. For those who think it pertains to only food and nutrition, then let them correct it is not. This field encompasses sectors including clothing, textiles, sociology, hygiene, economics, community living, and child development. There is a big scope all here. 

Doing a home science course will not limit you to household but will allow you to gain experience in several fields like NGOs, education, dietetics, the apparel industry, women’s development, research organisations, education, and more. Talking about working in an organisation, you can take up roles in networking, administration, and coordination. 

Home Science: A brief overview and scope in India

Most of the students might have this question in mind as to what is the benefit of doing graduation in Home Science. The answer is if you pursue higher studies like a Master in Arts or Master in Science in the latter field, then you can get job opportunities not only in the private sector but the public sector also. And it is all possible after finishing your graduation. 

You can get employed in any industry be it tourism, fashion, food, or hotel. Besides these, you can also get jobs in apparel houses, and community development programs. If you have scored 50 per cent marks in 12th grade, then you can apply for a Bachelor of Arts in Home Science. After that, you can also apply for a Master’s course in Home Science having the same percentile score (50%).

Top colleges in India teaching Home Science

The process of admission is based on the merit of a BA in Home Science. Most colleges conduct an entrance examination to take admission to a Master’s in the latter subject. Other than doing Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, you can also choose to do a diploma in Home Science after 10th (in some colleges) or 12th. Some of the top 5 colleges in India that teach Home Science include 

  • JD Birla Institute of Home Science, Kolkata
  • Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan
  • Lady Irwin College, New Delhi
  • SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai
  • Government of Home Science, Chandigarh

Pros of making Home Science a career

  • Home Science is a field that incorporates 2 branches i.e Science and Arts together. Hence, it gives you good exposure to learning from these fields. 
  • It instils values in students who later become capable of taking responsibility for their daily household chores by doing a course on Home Science.
  • This field prepares you to lead a well-balanced life and knowledge of child care. 
  • A person becomes all equipped with knowledge of managing home and cooking art. 
  • You learn basic skills of healthy living plus the idea of food, nutrition, and health. 
  • Home Science brushes up your creative skills.


  • If you do a complete course on Home Science, then you might end up confined to this particular field. 
  • Moreover, it may also become very difficult for you to find a new job as you will be dealing with so much study on household tasks, management, cooking, weaving, and so on. 
  • You might also be not so familiar with the work culture of the corporate world in Home Science. 

Job roles you can pursue through Home Science


In this fast-paced life, when everyone wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle, the demand for nutritionists arises. They play a pivotal role in helping us in how to maintain a perfect diet. They prescribe us the solutions to keep our minds and body free from ailments. They show concern regarding our intake of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and calories. 

Production Industry

The next job option awaits you in the production industry. There are many different types of job roles not just cooking. These include food preservatives and manufacturing that need professional home science experts. A Home Science graduate can apply for the posts including controllers, quality managers, and food analysts. 

Fashion Designer

You can also choose to become a fashion designer. In India, the field of fashion design has been a flourishing career for youth, as it makes them aware of fashion and style. Through Home Science, you gain knowledge of construction, printing, spotting, and selection of the fabric from the supplier.

Ending note

So these are some of the fields you can choose after pursuing a degree or diploma in Home Science. Visit VerifyKiya.com to search for credentials wallet and other services it provides. 

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