If you’re wearing silky, sheer, or light-colored dresses, you may find that they look great on your body but leave lines through them. This is because the fabric is so thin and sheer that there are no lines between your underwear and the rest of your clothes. But what should you do if this happens? Here are some tips on how to deal with these issues:

Choose Light and Seamless Underwear that Won’t Show Seams or Lines through your Dress

  • Choose seamless underwear Seamless underwear is made of stretchy fabric and doesn’t have any seams, so it will eliminate the risk of showing lines through your dress.
  • Use light underwear. Lightweight cotton and silk are the best materials for undergarments that you can wear during this type of occasion because they will not show through your dress or body-con dress. If you want to wear lace panties, make sure they don’t have any seams or edges on them (this means no thongs). We recommend that you avoid wearing lace panties altogether because they tend to be more visible than other types of underwear styles like boxers or briefs; however, if you must choose one type over another then make sure not to pick any with a seam along their front crease line because this may cause unwanted creases on top/bottom area where there should be smoothness!
  • Avoid tight-fitting pants/shorts since we all know how hard it is sometimes to find comfortable ones when shopping at department stores.

Buy a Strapless, Backless Bra, Which Can Be Worn with any Sleeveless Outfit

If you have large breasts, it’s important to start wearing strapless and backless bras. These are available in many styles and colors, so they can be worn with any sleeveless outfit.

In addition to being comfortable, these bras are often made from soft, stretchy material that will hug your body without causing irritation or chafing around the nipples or underarms. Because they don’t have cups over them (like a conventional bra), this makes them ideal for those who want to wear dresses but don’t want their skin showing through the fabric of their clothing.

Regular Underwear

A Stick-on Cotton Bra is also an Option for Strapless Dresses

A stick-on cotton bra is also an option for strapless dresses. A stick-on bra is a good option for strapless dresses because it is lightweight and seamless, which means that you can still wear your favorite dress without worrying about adding extra bulk or showing through your top. It also helps to keep the back of your dress from being exposed by giving you more coverage from underneath.

Make Sure Your Regular Underwear is not too Tight

The first thing you should do is make sure your regular underwear isn’t too tight. If it is, then there’s a chance that the dress won’t fit over it. When choosing underwear for a dress, think about how much room you want to leave between the two pieces of clothing and what kind of shape your body will be after wearing them together.

If your regular underwear is too loose in terms of size or fit, then this can cause problems when trying on dresses as well because they’ll end up falling off your hips or backside (depending on how big they are). And if they’re too tight? Well, then it can make movement difficult at best and uncomfortable at worst! In addition to being uncomfortable from having less room between clothes than usual – which could lead to chafing – they may also start bunching up around areas like knees/lower legs where there isn’t much skin left exposed anyway due.

Avoid Wearing Lace Underwear for the Occasion

If you’re not wearing lace underwear, then it’s best to avoid wearing a silky dress. Lace underwear is too delicate for the fabric of your dress, which may cause rips and tears throughout the night. It also isn’t as smooth as other types of underwear the lacy pattern can be uncomfortable against your skin and cause chafing or rubbing when you wear it all day long at work or school.

If you do still have some lace on hand but would like an alternative option that’s more durable and doesn’t fall apart after one wear (or even two), try cotton briefs instead!

Use a Bodysuit to Wear Under the Dress

If you are worried about the lines in your dress, try wearing a bodysuit instead. A bodysuit covers your body from the neck down and keeps it crease-free. It also prevents any panty lines that may occur because of the way clothing fits around your hips and thighs (and other areas).

Regular Underwear

Try Out a Camisole

Which will keep panty lines off the dress altogether.

  • It’s not too tight and it doesn’t show under your dress when you sit down. The best part? It covers your waistline and back, so no one can see where you have underwear on!

Here are Some Tips

If you’re wearing a silky dress, the best way to avoid visible lines is by wearing seamless underwear. This type of underwear is made from one piece of fabric that doesn’t have any seams or joins, so it will not show through the dress. You can find these at many different stores and online retailers like Amazon or Target.

A second option is stick-on cotton bras these are just as effective as seamless ones but will give you more support if you need it (and maybe even keep your chest from sagging). If budget isn’t an issue, I recommend investing in two bras: one for day-to-day wear and another for special occasions when it may be inappropriate for others around you to see some cleavage showing through!


It’s important to remember that underwear is not just for comfort. It can also affect how your dress looks, so it’s worth considering what kind of undergarments will work best with your dress when selecting them for the evening. As we have seen in these guidelines, there are many different options available when it comes to choosing what kind of underwear you should wear underneath a silky dress.

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