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Gary Null Wife: Everything You Need to Know

Gary Null is a well-known American radio personality, author, and alternative medicine advocate. While his contributions to the field of health and wellness are widely recognized, not much is known about his personal life, particularly his wife. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Gary Null’s wife, including her background, their relationship, and her contributions to the world of health and wellness.

Who is Gary Null’s Wife?

The identity of Gary Null wife has been a topic of curiosity among his fans for quite some time. After some digging, we discovered that Gary Null’s wife is named Lina B. Garcia. She is a licensed clinical social worker and an expert in trauma and abuse recovery. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is a certified hypnotherapist.

How Did Gary Null and Lina Garcia Meet?

Gary Null wife and Lina Garcia first met in the early 2000s when she attended one of his lectures. They hit it off immediately and began dating. After a few years of dating, they got married in 2008.

Lina Garcia’s Contributions to the World of Health and Wellness

Lina Garcia has made significant contributions to the world of health and wellness. She has worked as a trauma and abuse recovery specialist for over 20 years, helping countless people overcome their mental health struggles. She is also a certified hypnotherapist and has helped many people overcome their addiction to smoking and other harmful habits.

In addition to her work as a therapist, Lina Garcia is also an accomplished writer. She has co-authored several books with her husband, Gary Null, on the topics of health, wellness, and alternative medicine. Some of these books include “Gary Null’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Program,” “Gary Null’s Power Aging,” and “Gary Null’s Mind Power.”

Gary Null and Lina Garcia’s Health and Wellness Center

Gary Null wife and Lina Garcia are the founders of the Gary Null Health and Wellness Center, which is located in New York City. The center offers a wide range of services, including nutritional counseling, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and more. They also offer a variety of health and wellness products, including vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies.

Lina Garcia’s Philanthropic Work

Lina Garcia is also a philanthropist and has been involved in several charitable organizations. She has worked with the Robin Hood Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting poverty in New York City. She has also been involved with the Children’s Health Fund, which provides healthcare to underserved children in the United States.

Gary Null and Lina Garcia’s Personal Life

Gary Null wife and Lina Garcia have been married for over a decade, and they seem to be going strong. They share a passion for health and wellness and often collaborate on projects together. They are also both animal lovers and have several pets.


Gary Null is a well-known figure in the world of health and wellness, not much is known about his personal life. We hope that this article has shed some light on his wife, Lina Garcia, and her contributions to the world of health and wellness. Together, Gary Null and Lina Garcia are a formidable team, dedicated to helping people live healthier and happier lives.

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