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Fashion The Greatest Styles From the 2024 PreFall Collections-

However, many fashionistas are still flocking to Paris for another season (or two). And with so many runway shows in a short amount of time, it’s also no wonder that we want to see what new styles come out. The last few months have seen designers give us some pretty wild looks, from playful, edgy pieces like Bottega Veneta’s statement black dress or Marc Jacobs’ iconic orange suit to more serious works such as Christian Dior’s daring purple gown. In addition, both Chanel and Gucci are making major strides in their respective lines, but there’s always room for inspiration within this season’s collections.

While they may not get as much attention as the spring/summer and fall/winter collections, the pre-fall presentations tend to skew unrestrained—and, therefore, intriguing, possibly because of the lower stakes surrounding the mid-season displays. Not as relevant and impactful as those in-season looks, however, do show off new takes on old favorites, like Versace’s classic black spaghetti strap gowns or Valentino’s signature ruffled mini skirt in black. For example, Haute Couture is keeping its color theme going strong with an array of warm hues across its offerings this season, including pastels in shades past midnight blue and pink, while Fendi continues focusing on bright colors with bold prints. But all is not dark and stormy with Fendi when it comes to the men’s collections, which has been heavily influenced by British streetwear. That said, many of the latest trends are also available to play around with, particularly at Miu Miu, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. Meanwhile, L’Oréal is showing us how far back it can go with its colorful looks this season, as well. From eye-catching neon designs to vibrant patterns, every designer is looking to push the envelope further into the future this year. Of course, if you’re looking for fresh, playful looks with high levels of drama, look no further than Yves Saint Laurent. Its Spring 2023 collection includes a number of dazzling sequin tops, sheer miniskirts and strapless dresses. Other standout looks include Prada’s dramatic jumpsuit, Versace’s lace dress and Michael Kors’ asymmetrical blazer. As for the accessories, be sure to check out the likes of Christian Lacroix, Jimmy Choo and Max Mara with their rich textures and chic silhouettes. This means that any piece that feels fun and different this season is bound to catch our eye.

The Fall 2023 collections are here, and we cannot wait! From timeless classics like Ralph Lauren’s trench coat and Tom Ford’s tailored pants to unexpected additions, we’ve got plenty of exciting options for your shopping. So if you’re ready to try something new, keep reading…

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