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Everything You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

Are you considering pursuing a bachelor in mechanical engineering or Computer Science? Look no further than Sharda University. As one of the best engineering colleges in Delhi for computer science and with a comprehensive B Tech course structure, Sharda University prepares students for success in these highly sought-after fields.

Course Structure of B Tech Courses

B Tech course details have emerged as the most popular degree programs that students aspire to pursue after completing their higher secondary education. The course structure of B Tech programs is designed in a way that it offers a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to the students.

The duration of the course is usually four years, divided into eight semesters. The first two semesters focus on building a strong foundation in basic science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics along with some introductory engineering courses.

From third semester onwards, core mechanical engineering or computer science subjects are introduced such as Mechanics of Solids, Thermodynamics, and Data Structures & Algorithms etc. Along with these technical subjects, students also undergo training in soft skills and personality development which helps them become industry-ready professionals.

Apart from classroom lectures and lab sessions, B Tech courses also include industrial visits and internships where students get hands-on experience working on live projects under expert guidance.

The course structure of B Tech programs ensures that graduates possess both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required by industries today.

Job Opportunities After Pursuing a B Tech Degree

After completing a degree from b Tech College in India, students open up their doors to endless career opportunities. Bachelor in mechanical engineering and computer science have different paths to follow due to the distinct nature of these fields.

Mechanical engineers can work in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, power generation and oil & gas. They could land positions as design engineers, maintenance engineers or quality control managers. With experience and advanced degrees, they could aim for senior management roles or even become entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, graduates of computer science may find themselves working in software development firms or IT companies as programmers, network administrators or data analysts. They also have the option to specialize further into areas like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing or cybersecurity.

In today’s digital era where technology is constantly evolving at an unprecedented rate, there is always a demand for skilled professionals who can adapt and innovate quickly. Thus, pursuing a B Tech degree opens up vast career prospects that are both rewarding and challenging.


To sum up, pursuing a B Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science from Sharda University can be an excellent choice for those who have a passion for technology and innovation. With its well-structured course curriculum, experienced faculty members, extensive research facilities, and practical training sessions, the university provides students with all they need to excel in their fields.

Furthermore, the job opportunities available after completing a B Tech degree are vast and diverse. Graduates can work as software developers, mechanical engineers, data analysts, network administrators and many more exciting positions that pay well.

It is essential to choose the right college when considering pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. Fortunately for you – if you’re looking for top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR offering courses across various disciplines of engineering – Sharda University could be your best bet.

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