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Discover the Best-Selling Heavy-Duty Equipment from JCB & Hyundai

The Indian infrastructure industry is undoubtedly growing at a rapid pace. Nevertheless, there’s a major contribution of certain sectors in acing this development. The heavy-duty or earth-moving industry is one such key player.

Its market is consistently manufacturing equipment to upscale the project’s progress. Two brands meriting the chart of best-selling heavy-duty machine brands are JCB & Hyundai. This is certainly because these entities manufacture equipment consisting of the latest technologies.

Featuring Top 2 Equipment from JCB & Hyundai

JCB 437 Wheeled Loader

Soon after its launch, this construction equipment became one of the best-performing models. With a bucket capacity of 2.2 cum, the machine facilitates the loading process. Enabling this process efficiently, the model ensures massive output.

Moreover, with a high-performing engine of 145 HP, this JCB loader can precisely undertake heavy tasks. Further impressive is the equipment’s operating weight of 12040. Such huge weighing capacity ensures higher productivity of projects.

Besides, the ground clearance of the machine is optimum too. In fact, the price range of this machine ranges between Rs. 49-51 Lakh.


This is yet another best-selling excavator model in India. To begin with, the model comes equipped with a powerful engine, churning out a power of 76 HP. Additionally, this machine has 8000 kg of operating weight. Both these functionalities deliver massive output, be it construction, mining, or any other infra project.

Besides, the bucket capacity of this Hyundai excavator is around 0.35 cum. This subsequently facilitates the carriage of heavy materials across the site. 

Most importantly, the machine can dig as deep as 4150 mm. This functionality largely aids in quarrying, excavating, building foundations, or other digging tasks. Above all, it comes with a price range of Rs. 33-35 Lakh.

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