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Curtains on braces – is it worth buying?

Do you like curtains on braces but need to know if it’s a good choice? Let’s look at the pros and cons of this solution – then you will make the right decision!

Curtain – a necessary window decoration

Initially, we have straightforward advice: if you dream of a beautiful interior, you should remember curtains! Very often, this decorative element is overlooked or chosen accidentally. However, the truth is that adequately selected curtains can be an essential part of the room’s design, emphasizing it and completing it. On the other hand, the wrong ones can completely disrupt it!

What’s more, thanks to such a small change, you can completely change the room – without the need to repaint the walls or replace the furniture. Curtains can also be selected for brightening or darkening the room or its optical enlargement or reduction.

How to hang curtains and not get tired?

Does changing the curtain have to be associated with a considerable problem and effort compared to the renovation? Not! It can become a pure pleasure to decorate. This is mainly due to the way it is hung.

Due to the way of hanging, we can distinguish:

  1. simple curtains for hanging on frogs
  2. curtains on a shirring tape for hanging on frogs
  3. curtains on braces
  4. curtains on grommets or otherwise curtains on wheels

The first two are the traditional ways of hanging curtains. They are usually much more engaging and require great precision and patience. All it takes is a moment of inattention, and the velvet curtain hangs crookedly at uneven intervals, and to fix it, you have to start all over again.

However, curtains with braces and curtains with grommets are much more comfortable. Below we discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of curtains on braces.

Advantages of curtains on suspenders

Easy assembly and disassembly

Braces in curtains are a very convenient solution – thread them on the curtain rod, and that’s it! Window decoration is ready. Curtains on grommets work similarly, which have memorable holes at the top through which we pass the curtain rod.

Save time and energy.

As putting on and removing the curtain on braces is very simple, it is also quick and effortless. You don’t stand with your arms up for half an hour, pinning each frog separately, marking the pinning height, etc. – the whole thing takes a maximum of a few minutes, depending on what kind of curtain rod you have.

Fast moving curtains

Curtains on braces, once installed, can be easily and quickly moved on the curtain rod. And without the risk of the frog detaching!

Simple makeovers

Do you have a beautiful curtain to hang on frogs, and you dream of one on braces? Fortunately, it’s not a problem – you must find suitable material. The braces can be sewn on permanently or only temporarily (trial?) Attach them on special latches.

Defects of curtains on braces

Braces – slightly worse guides?

The operation mechanism of the curtain on braces is almost identical to that on the eyelets. However, according to many, guides are better because they have memorable holes, not sewn pieces of fabric. Why? This can be felt if we often drag the curtain over the decorative curtain rod – in the case of a curtain on suspenders, the resistance is slightly higher. The harness is also less durable (they can stretch over time, stretch when hanging wet or as a result of improper washing)

Window styles without pinning up

Curtains on braces and curtains on grommets will not work for those housewives who love pinned-up window decorations – artistic pin-ups, frills, pleats, or effective ruffles can be obtained by hanging curtains on frogs.

Note the style of the room!

Curtains on frogs are more universal because they are suitable for any room, regardless of style. On the other hand, curtains on suspenders are more suitable for modern, minimalist or romantic ones. However, it all depends on the taste and taste of the person choosing blackout curtains because they must match the rest of the room’s equipment.

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