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Enhance Your Ride with Leveling Kits

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or simply seeking to improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle, leveling kits are a popular aftermarket upgrade worth considering. They provide a cost-effective way to level your car’s front and rear suspension, rectifying the factory rake and allowing for the installation of larger tires. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of them at https://www.kspmotor.com, their types, installation process, and important considerations to ensure you make an informed decision when enhancing your ride.

Understanding Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are to raise a vehicle’s front or rear end, compensating for the uneven factory stance often found in trucks and SUVs. Most of these vehicles come with a slight forward rake, where the front end is lower than the rear, which can be visually unappealing and adversely affect the vehicle’s handling characteristics. Leveling kits aim to level out the vehicle’s stance, enhance aesthetics, and improve performance on and off the road.

Advantages of Leveling Kits

a. Enhanced Aesthetics: One of the most noticeable benefits of leveling kits is the improved appearance of your vehicle. By achieving a level stance, your truck or SUV will exhibit a more aggressive and balanced look, setting it apart from stock models.

b. Increased Ground Clearance: They slightly increase ground clearance, allowing your vehicle to tackle rough terrain more effectively. This added clearance also permits the installation of larger tires, further improving off-road capabilities.

c. Improved Handling: With the front and rear suspension balanced, leveling kits help improve the handling and stability of your vehicle, particularly during cornering and braking. This can be especially advantageous when towing or carrying heavy loads.

d. Easy Installation: Most of them are designed for a straightforward installation, often requiring basic hand tools and a few hours of work. However, it’s essential to consider professional installation to ensure safety and avoid any potential complications.

Types of Leveling Kits

a. Coil Spring Spacers: Coil spring spacers are the most common type of leveling kit, particularly for vehicles with coil spring suspensions. These spacers are inserted on top of the existing coil springs, lifting the vehicle’s front end to achieve a level stance.

b. Strut Extensions: This type of leveling kit works with vehicles with strut-based suspensions. Strut extensions are installed on top of the factory struts, raising the front of the car to level it out.

c. Block Kits: Block kits are used for leveling the rear end of trucks and SUVs equipped with leaf spring suspensions. These blocks are inserted between the axle and leaf springs, raising the rear to match the front height.

Installation Considerations

a. Vehicle Warranty: Before installing a leveling kit, consider its potential impact on your vehicle’s warranty. While reputable leveling kit manufacturers often offer warranties, improper installation or use may void your vehicle’s factory warranty.

b. Professional Installation: While experienced DIYers can install some leveling kits, it’s advisable to have a professional mechanic perform the installation. Proper alignment and suspension adjustments are critical to maintain safety and performance.

c. Quality Products: Invest in high-quality leveling kits from reputable brands. Cheap, inferior products may lead to premature wear, handling issues, and even safety concerns.


Leveling kits are an excellent upgrade for truck and SUV owners looking to enhance their vehicle’s appearance, off-road capabilities, and overall performance. Achieving a level stance improves aesthetics and enhances handling and stability, making your ride more enjoyable on and off the road. Try it out at KSP Performance to get coupon code. Choosing the right type of leveling kit and ensuring professional installation can elevate your driving experience to new heights. Embrace the possibilities ofthem and take your vehicle to the next level of performance and style.

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