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Planning to Hire a BAS Agent in Australia

As an Australian business owner, you understand the significance of accurate and compliant reporting for business activity statements (BAS). To meet Australian Taxation Office (ATO) standards in BAS preparation and lodgment, engaging an experienced BAS Agent in Australia is vital. But where should you begin in finding this person for your own needs? In this guide, we offer step-by-step directions on finding one. By doing this effective planning, ensure you hire someone competent who will assist in meeting BAS obligations efficiently while freeing you up for other aspects of business growth.

Before we discuss how to hire a BAS Agent in Australia, let’s first define their function and role. A Business Activity Statement Agent, commonly referred to simply as a ‘BAS Agent, is a licensed professional that specializes in offering BAS services such as the preparation and lodgment of Business Activity Statements while assuring compliance with GST law and offering advice regarding their BAS matters.

What Are My Specific BAS Requirements? 

Assess the complexity of your business transactions to decide if hiring a BAS Agent may be beneficial for you. If it feels overwhelming to lodge BAS return yourself or lack expertise to deal with BAS lodgments on time yourself then an agent could be worth their cost in terms of time saved and expertise gained from doing it on your own, they could make life much simpler in handling BAS lodgment for you.

Considering your business size and nature will help identify any specific BAS services needed such as GST reporting, PAYG withholding tax credits or fuel tax credits that might apply.

Do I Have Special Industry Requirements for BAS Agents?

Certain industries, like construction and healthcare, require specific BAS requirements from BAS agents. If this applies to you, find one with relevant experience as soon as possible.

Locating Australian BAS Agents After conducting your own assessment of business needs, the next step should be identifying potential BAS agents across Australia. Here are a few guidelines to make your research effective:

Check the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) Register: 

The TPB is Australia’s regulatory body responsible for registering BAS Agents; visit its website and search their database of registered BAS agents in your region. Request Recommendations from Fellow Business Owners or Professionals in Your Network: Referrals can give invaluable insights into the quality and dependability of a BAS Agent.

Read Online Reviews: Make use of online platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp or industry-specific forums to read reviews of BAS Agents. Pay particular attention to comments regarding expertise, professionalism and customer service provided.

From your research, compile a shortlist of potential BAS agents who align with your business needs and who fit their criteria as follows. Consider all factors when shortlisting:

Qualifications and Accreditations: 

When shortlisting BAS agents, make sure that they have registered with TPB and hold all necessary certifications and licences from them.


When seeking BAS agents for your company, look for those with extensive knowledge in similar industries to your own. Your agent must understand both its specific challenges and requirements in terms of tax requirements for BAS filing.

Services Provided: 

When reviewing BAS agents, examine their services offered. Make sure if any offer additional payroll processing, bookkeeping or financial reporting that could prove helpful to your business.

Assess Competence and Reliability:

To make an informed choice, it is crucial that one assess the competency and reliability of shortlisted BAS Agents. Consideration should be given to various aspects, including those listed herein:

Interview Potential Candidates: 

Set up interviews or phone calls with each BAS Agent you are considering hiring so as to discuss their requirements and asses their knowledge on BAS matters.

Be Sure to Request References: 

Speak with their current and previous clients in order to gain an idea of their track record and reliability; any reputable BAS Agent should readily supply these references as references are essential components for making decisions effectively.

Check Professional Indemnity Insurance: 

When interviewing BAS Agents, ensure they possess professional indemnity insurance to safeguard you in case any errors or omissions in their work occur. This protection can save time and money should errors arise that you need addressing immediately.

Making Your Final Determination:

Once the selected BAS Agents have been evaluated, it’s time to make your final selection. Keep these factors in mind as you make this important decision:

Cost and Fees: 

Compare fees and pricing structures offered by each BAS Agent before choosing one based on price alone; remembering to consider both value for money and quality services offered when making this choice.

Contractual Agreement: 

Before hiring a BAS Agent, be sure to read their standard agreement or contract carefully and pay particular attention to its terms and conditions regarding duration, termination clauses and confidentiality provisions.

Be Authentic: 

Trust in yourself to select an agent whom you feel most at ease working with; after all, this person will have access to important financial data that must remain private and confidential.

Can a BAS Agent Benefit My Business? 

BAS agents can benefit your business in several ways. First and foremost, they ensure your BAS lodgements comply with ATO requirements, thus lowering penalties or audit risks. Furthermore, they offer expert guidance regarding all matters concerning the BAS system as well as helping reduce tax obligations overall.

What Qualifications Are Necessary for Registering as a BAS Agent in Australia? 

Individuals looking to become registered BAS agents in Australia must first satisfy certain educational and experience criteria set by the Tax Practitioners Board, such as having attained either their Certificate IV in Accounting/Bookkeeping or at least 1,000 hours of relevant experience under their belts.

Can I verify registration of a BAS Agent?

You can easily check registration of any BAS Agent by consulting the TPB Register. Simply enter their name or registration number, and this database will display their registration status, qualifications, and contact details.

Can I hire a BAS Agent from another state in Australia? 

Hiring a BAS Agent in any part of Australia is possible thanks to technology allowing remote collaboration and communication within accounting/bookkeeping firms. Just ensure they’ve registered with TPB to keep any problems at bay!

What does it cost to hire a BAS Agent? 

The cost of engaging a BAS Agent varies based on a range of factors including complexity of transactions, volume of transactions and services required; some agents charge hourly rates while others have fixed packages available – it is wise to discuss and negotiate fees before finalising an engagement agreement with one.

If I am dissatisfied with my current BAS Agent, the key is to address them directly first and give them an opportunity to rectify any concerns directly with you. If these do not resolve themselves within reasonable timescales, if necessary consider terminating their engagement and finding one who better meets your requirements.

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